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Stop with the Tebow mania!

Okay, lemme get this straight. Although Tebow’s completion percentage was worse than Gabbert’s ROOKIE season completions, and despite his being unable to beat out #buttfumble Sanchez for a starting job with NYJ, Jaguars organization should forego rational thought, “fulfill the prophecy”, and sign Tim Tebow as a starting QB, not so much in an effort to win more games, but in a statistically unbelievable HOPE to win more games, to give HIM a chance at being successful in his hometown, to sell jerseys (?), to sell tickets, (the amount of which has only been found to be 2k more tickets than usual), and to gain some imagined ultra-popularity for the franchise..which is exactly what the Broncos & Jets each have already done..use Tebow. These out-of-towners have made a fool out of this man, and we should follow suit and do the same thing, huh? I’m sorry, but I like to think my Jaguars organization has a little bit more respect for Tebow as a person, for the NFL, & for the city of Jacksonville, than to play on the intelligence of weak minded people. The people that laud Tebow’s accomplishment of a fluke playoff run, without acknowledging Peyton Manning’s acheivement of a 13-3 record with the same team the following year, which is a better record than the previous 2 years combined. The people who ignore how “Tebow” got THRASHED 43-10 in the following game by Tom Brady. The people that, apparently, don’t know anymore about the game of football than the color jersey of their college alma mater. STOP! The rookie QBs of 2010 were drafted and trained to start, Gabbert was drafted to sit out his 1st year like Aaron Rodgers did, only to be thrown into his first season without any training from Del Rio, (remember him? The coach we fired mid-season!), then was coached by our Defensive Coordinator interim coach, then spent a year being coached by Mularkey, the whole time getting sacked every other down. Yes, I would rather have Gabbert as QB under our new coach and management, with our new offensive weapons, because HE has taken the lumps and earned the right to be the Jaguars starting QB. Tebow just sells jerseys..and it’s starting to become kind of pathetic. Wouldn’t you agree?